Anti Ragging Commitee

Committee List(0369)

Sr. No. To work as Name Designation Contact Number
01 Appellate Authority Mr. Permindur Singh CEO, GGSF 9967064740
02 Chairman MR.S.R.Upasani Principal 9921120177
03 Member-Legal Mrs. Shital Ahire Advocate 9970444000
04 Member-Compliance Mr. Nilesh S. Mainkar(Indira Nagar) Senior P.I.(Indira Nagar) 9118884444
05 Member-Media Mr. Pradip Jagzap Media Personnel 9922623102
06 Member-Faculty Mr. P. G. Chavan HOD (CE) 9421558495
07 Member-Faculty Mr. V. K. Dhagate HOD (ME -II) 8806664608
08 Member-Faculty Mrs. G. R. Jagtap HOD (CO) 9673255330
09 Member-Faculty Dr. S. S. Patil HOD (APS) 9921842984
10 Member-Student Vrushali Sangale (SYCE) Senior Girl student 8805813998
11 Member-Student Aditya Halder (SYCO) Senior Boy student 7498995245
12 Member-Student Sejal U. Sali (TYCO) Senior Girl student 8623878307
13 Member-Student Gaurav S. Bankar (TYCE) Senior Boy student 7028581532
14 Member-Student Yug Mankar (FYCE) Fresher Boy Student 8956215151
15 Member-Student Ms.Tejal Porje ( FYEE) Fresher Girl Student 9765589045
16 Member-Parent Mr. Manohar Mahakal Parent of Vaibhav Mahakal’s FYCE 9604609970
17 Member-Parent Mr.Swapan Nimchand Halder Parent of Aditya Halder’s (SYCO) 9921009083
18 Member-Non teaching Mr. C. K. Patil Registrar 9970400868

Roles & Responsibilities of Anti Ragging Committee:

  1. To ensure compliance with the provisions of AICTE Regulations as well as the provisions of any law for the time being in force concerning ragging.
  2. Monitor and oversee the performance of Anti Ragging Squad in prevention of ragging in the institution.

Anti Ragging Squad

Sr.No. Name Designation Committee Charge Contact Number
1 Mrs. Sushama A. Kolhe HOD, Electronics & Tele. Comm. President 8806664613
2 Dr. Swapnilkumar S. Patil HOD, Humanities & Science Vice President 9921842984
3 Mr. Sunil M. More HOD, Electrical Engg. Member 8806664612
4 Mr. Sachin F. Shewale T.A., Mechanical Engg,
Boys Hostel Representative
Member 9923126269
5 Mrs. Smita V. Shimpi T.A., Civil Engg.,
Girls Hostel Representative
Member 9423696899

Roles & Responsibilities of Anti Ragging Squad:

  1. Make surprise visits, raids on hostels and other places vulnerable to incidents.
  2. Having potential for ragging and shell be empowered to inspect such places.
  3. Conduct an on spot inquiry into any incident of ragging.
  4. Observing a fair and transparent procedure and the principles of natural justice after giving adequate opportunity to the students accused of ragging and other witnesses to place before it the facts documents and views concerning the incidents of ragging and consider such relevant information as may be required.

Mentoring Cell-1 : First Year

Sr.No. To work as Name Designation Contact
1 President A.A. Shaikh Lecturer 9923278337
2 Member Vaibhav Mahakal ( FYCE) Student 7057736424
3 Member Avinash Kapase ( FYEE) Student 8975342020
4 Member Amey Bhargave (FYCO) Student 9604903034
5 Member Viraj Kulkarni (FYEJ) Student 9322456553

Mentoring Cell-2 : Second Year

Sr. No. To work as Name Designation Contact
1 President M.A.Deore Lecturer 8007747080
2 Member Ansari M.Raza (SYME II) Students 8080059553
3 Member Kirti  M. Alai (SYME-II) Students 9011747604
4 Member Shubham I. Palve (SYE &TC) Students 7741908359
5 Member Mahek M. Shaikh (SYCE) Students 9307938436

Mentoring Cell-3 : Third Year

Sr. No. To work as Name Designation Contact
1 President K.P. Suryawanshi Lecturer 9404015356
2 Member Sejal U. Sali Student 8623878307
3 Member Gaurav S. Bankar Student 7028581532
4 Member Laresh Y. Chaudhari Student 7038835043
5 Member Neeraj P. Chordiya Student 9604477597

Roles & Responsibilities of Mentoring Cell:

  1. Promote the objectives of Anti Ragging Rules and regulations.
  2. Senior students volunteering to be mentors for fresher in the succeeding academic year.

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