Industry Institute Interaction

To enhance the better interaction in between of institution and industry is very much essential for the Todays world, and it makes a good platform for showcasing best practice, latest technological advancements and their implementation and impact on the industry.
The main objective of interaction between of industry and institute is to improve the quality technical education adequately to meet the needs of the industry and economy. Industry Institute Interaction continuously supplied input to better teaching-learning processes, create awareness among the students about the environment of industry, provide real practical knowledge to students and provide self-confidence for students to become an entrepreneur.
Activities under Industry Institute Interaction
A wide variety of activities has been taken up in collaboration with industry to improve the quality of students. All concerned have freedom to think of additional inputs from industry, relate them to functions of technical education system, ultimate outcomes and system improvement.
Some of the major activities in the area of industry-institute interaction are,

Memorandum of Understanding(MOU)

  • An MOU is a general agreement between Institute and institution that states both parties are interested in furthering collaboration on academic activities.
  • The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to provide a foundation and framework for closer collaboration between the College and the Association for their mutual benefit.
  • We have signed 22 MOU with reputed companies.

Project Sponsorship & Consultancy

The purpose of this activity is

  • To update the knowledge and skill of students, the research development and consultancy activities have been undertaken by the institute.
  • To understand the business process and makes them ready for the corporate careers ahead.
  • This activity done once in each semester
  • The institute encourages faculty members to take Government/Private consultancy projects for knowledge enhancement and fulfilling Social responsibilities.

Implant training

  • Implant Training will provide an industrial exposure to the students as well as to develop their career in the high tech industrial requirements. Reputed companies are providing implant training to Students. Here students are initially get counseled in order to emerge out their interest in various streams and what are all the basic concepts they know on that domain.
  • This activity arranged for Second & Third year students of 4-6 week to develop technical oriented concepts that turn graduates into employable assets.

Continuing Education

  • The institution has identified some continuing education programmes for working professionals with changing industrial requirements.
  • The purpose of Continuing Education is to provide opportunities for students to pursue lifelong learning. We provide quality learning, training and recreational opportunities in a variety of subjects.

Career Guidance and job Placement of students

  • Job Placement Cell of GGSP provides guidance and all the assistance for the students in order to achieve their career goals. The unit takes right steps in identifying the demands of the current industry and prepares our students towards this need. Adequate emphasis is given for soft skill development complementing the regular academic programmes
  • The goal of Training &Placement Cell is to provide employment opportunities and market ready training to Students.
  • To provide ultimate satisfaction to our valuable students by offering the companies of their choice according to their eligibility.
  • To provide career guidance through counseling and one to one interactions with Average and below average students.

Hands – on Workshop

  • Arranged various workshops to provide students with a strong conceptual and practical framework to build.
  • It is 3 days or 2 week activity.

Industrial Visit

  • The students of 2nd, 3rd year are encouraged to go for industrial visits with the objective of visualizing the things studied in the theory and expose themselves to the industrial working environment.
  • Minimum two industrial visits of 1 or 2 days are planned in each semester.

Expert Lectures

  • Practical approach with theoretical knowledge is the necessity to learn any field. Guest lectures enable the students in enriching the latest updates regarding avenues for higher studies and jobs as well as the need of the industry.
  • While handling the real modern life challenges one must need the best academician with leadership quality and knowledge about soft skills. We invite the eminent personalities of various fields and stalwarts of the industry to lend valuable information from their firsthand experience which is serve as an ideal platform for the students.
  • The industry experts get idea about upcoming technologies and current market scenario.
  • Minimum 4 guest lectures are planned in each semester.

Industrial Training for Faculty Members

  • The purpose of Industrial Training is to expose faculty to real work of environment experience and at the same time, to gain the knowledge through hands on observation and job execution.
  • From the industrial training, the faculty will also develop skills in work ethics, communication, management and others. Moreover, this practical training program allows students to relate theoretical knowledge with its application in the manufacturing industry.
  • It is 3 days or 2 week activity.
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