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Professor S. R. Upasani

Prof. S. R. Upasani
Guru Gobind Singh College of Pollytechnic, Nashik

The world around us is changing every moment, the new technological advancements are taking every one by surprise. Things which we could only wish or imagine years back, are becoming a reality. Just to mention a few, flying car with retractable wings, electricity generator using harmless viruses, a 3-D video conferencing pod, bionic eye for the blind to see, etc. We at GGSP continuously keep our students updated on new technologies. The key Innovation ,we create an environment in the institute where students are motivated to think of innovative ideas and are encouraged to put these ideas in their project work.

Apart from academic excellence, students are also trained on life skills so as to enable them to secure better placements. This is evident from the job offers they get from the best companies like Tata Motors , L&T, Glaxo, Gabriel , ABB etc. Our deliberate and consistent focus on quality education has resulted in getting us Accreditation from NBA for the period 2012-2015, 2017-2020, 2020-2023, for which I wish to thank the management for their whole-hearted support. I also wish to congratulate the staff, students, parents and our industrial partners for the sincere efforts put in by them to achieve this milestone.

Welcome to GGSP And wish you a very bright future.

-Prof. S. R. Upasani

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