Fee Regulation Authority

As per the Fee Regulating Authority Meeting Dated 08th March, 2019 the final fees for First Year admitted from 2019-20 is fixed as Rs. 51500/-

Academic Year First Year Direct Second Year
2013-14 Rs. 45720/- Rs.45360/-
2014-15 Rs.46820/- Rs.49378/-
2015-16 Rs.41820/- Rs.50566/-
2016-17 Rs.41820/- Rs.41820/-
2017-18 Rs.38500/- Rs.38500/-
2018-19 Rs.43500/- Rs.38500/-
2019-20 Rs.51500/- Rs.43500/-
2020-21 Rs.51500/- Rs.51500/-
2021-22 Rs.51500/- Rs.51500/-
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