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Prof. A.R.Shandilya

Prof. A.R.Shandilya
HOD - Mechatroincs Engineering Department
Guru Gobind Singh College of Polytechnic, Nashik

Welcome to the department of Mechatronics Engineering at GGSP Nashik, the department with a state of art facilities and qualified faculty. The department works with the objective of addressing acute challenges faced by the Academia, Industry and the Society. Perhaps, even more important is our focus to persistently improve educational environment in our department, helping the students to learn, cultivate, progress, and accomplish their goals in their chase to excel in their professional career. As machines and devices become smarter and connected, the engineering behind it is also getting more complex. The traditional divisions between various streams of engineering disciplines are blurring, merging and mixing to create new categories. Mechatronics is now the most important field of engineering that is creating devices, machines and systems that are not just connected but smart enough to create and capture activity data. Mechatronics engineering involves the integration of electrical, mechanical, and software components to develop products, systems, and solutions. In other words, it is an interdisciplinary field of engineering. Previously, you would have had mechanical engineers who would work on mechanical components and products, electrical engineers who would do all the electrical elements, and computer engineers who would look after the computer hardware and software aspects. Modern solutions require much deeper integration of these engineering fields, creating the need for engineers with mechatronics skills. The increase in robotics that can coordinate with humans and also act alone without human assistance with accuracy and smartness is molding the future of Mechatronics in India. The automation of almost everything, small or large systems has brought an improvement in the demand for the manufacturing of mechatronic products, increasing the need for a technological workforce which makes this branch even more sought after among students. The human intellect and inclination towards all mechanical things are now becoming the future of Mechatronics in India. Since mechatronics applications are vital in many industries such as automotive, aviation, plant cultivation, etc., the study of this emerging technology can be an advantage in empowerment in the future. These days Mechatronics is in demand, and one can make a brighter future by pursuing this program

-Prof. Ashita R. Shandilya, M.Tech. Digital Communication

Head of Mechtronics Engineering Department

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