Alumni Committee

S. N. Name Designation Committee Charge
01 Mr. S.A.Patil Lecturer, Mechanical Engg. Coordinator
02 Mrs.D.R.Thakare Lecturer, Computer Engg. Coordinator
03 Mr. G.D.Ahire Lecturer,Civil Engg. Member
04 Mrs. T.S.Sonawane Lecturer, Computer Engg. Member
05 Mr. M.A.Borade Lecturer, Electrical Engg. Member
06 Mr. Yohesh V. Chandratre Lecturer, Electronics and TeleCommunication Member
07 Mr.S.P.Bhalerao Lecturer, Mechanical Engg. Member
08 Mr.K.H.Borse Lecturer, Mechatronics Engg. Member
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