Procedures to Collect Documents


  • The Regular Third Year Student passing in respective SUMMER exam has to collect his Leaving Certificate As per the Schedule informed.
  • For Students who will leave the college in between the Academic Year or those who will clear their WFLY/WFLS cases should submit a written application in the name of Principal Sir duly signed by their Parents, a HOD and then by Principal Sir and finally by Registrar then submit to the Student Section.
  • From the Xerox center Student should collect the Application for Leaving Certificate (NOC) will be issued against the Written Application Formalities.
  • Students should submit the complete Application for Leaving Certificate (NOC) to the Student Section, who will handover leaving certificate in stipulated time of 3 working days.


  • Student collects the Bonafide Format from the Xerox center and duly fill it and take the signature of Principal Sir.
  • Submit the format to the admin office.
  • Collect the Bonafide Certificate approximately after 2 days.


  • Submit a written application in the name of the Principal Sir requesting for the Caste Validity Letter from Student/Parent. (Please mention Address to back side of application Caste Validity Scrutiny Committee) and signed by Principal Sir submitted to admin office.
  • Collect the Caste Validity Letter approximately after 3 days.


  • It is mandatory that student should collect his/her passing certificate personally from the Students sectionCounter.
  • But in case of some unavoidable circumstances parents should come along with the followingdocuments:
    1. Authority Letter of Student with parents sign.
    2. Photo Identification-PAN card.
    3. Photocopy of Provisional Passing Certificate.
  • The Authority Letter should be, duly signed by Principal Sir and Registrar and submitted to the Students section Counter along with required documents.
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