About Department

Civil Engineering is a Mother of all branches. It makes the students familiar with the civil structure and gives an overview of construction & Transport. The curriculum is enriched by practical and theoretical knowledge related to all fields. Department offers training with an eye on the modern developments in civil field. During 3 years course, student is exposed to the employment in irrigation Board & the techniques that are used in Analyzing & Developing civil construction site.

Civil polytechnic course in the college has established its distinct identity as having a motivating environment for students to simultaneously pursue the professional course of civil engineering. By the turn of century, after making an environment scanning, the department has introduced a number of courses to cater to diversified need of the construction. From 2007-08, the department offers practical based programs too. Since then quantitatively too we grew and currently the number of students thronging to the department has crossed 200 mark.

During the past 7 years, the department has acquired good reputation for campus discipline, open and transparent administration, high academic standard, credible examination system and best form for sports and extracurricular activities enriching the personality of students. The qualities of the department will go to acknowledge at national level too by National Accreditation Board (NBA). The department has been progressing towards internalizing a quality culture and institutionalizing its best practices.

Civil Engineering Brought Modern Civilization. Requirement & Role of Civil Engineers will always be needed till human exist.

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