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Mechatronics engineering is a multidisciplinary branch of the engineering field that deals with the study of electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, computer engineering, system engineering, and control engineering. It is a connection amongst technicians and engineers and gradually work from origination of a project to the culmination of the undertaking. Mechatronics Engineering programme incorporates a wide range of education in the basic standards and principles of Mechatronics, computer, and mechanical engineering. It mainly focuses on various parts of mechatronics such as modeling, sensors, controllers, real-time computer interfacing, and actuators. A candidate possessing a Mechatronics Engineering degree can work on different aspects of technology such as control systems, artificial intelligence (AI) and expert systems, robotics, transportation, and computer integrated manufacturing systems and much more. Skilled mechatronic engineers are in high demand in the field of implementing, designing and operating internet control of machines, engine management systems and autonomous robots. Mechatronics engineers most commonly work with a mechanical team, an engineering team or both. They often work with electronics, real-time software, instrumentation and other mechanical and/or electrical machines. A mechatronics engineer typically plays a fundamental role in product development and uses engineering principles such as electronics, software, mechanics and control engineering throughout the developmental process. 

The Mechatronics department has well qualified and experienced staff supported with well equipped Laboratories. The department takes part in sponsored projects, arranging industrial visit, conducting Guest lectures. The department is having laboratories which are equipped with some of the state-of-the-art equipments like PLC systems of different manufacturer’s, Robot. Department is transforming the current labs into Industry 4.0 ready labs.

In a nutshell Mechatronics is now the most important field of engineering that is creating devices, machines and systems that are not just connected but smart enough to create and capture activity data.

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