Vision & Mission


Mechanical Engineering Program striving for excellence in providing transformative Education and enhancing multidisciplinary skills for developing Intellectual, Innovative and Quality Mechanical Technician/ Engineer / Entrepreneur  which will benefit the Society and the Industrial challenges.


  1. To be a Technical Educational Program in transforming aspiring Mechanical Technicians/ Engineers through rigorous coursework and Technical skills, by providing understanding of the needs of Society and Industry.
  2. To benchmark with the best global standards of Quality Education.
  3. To enhance the commitment of Mechanical Engineering faculty, staff and Students by inculcating the spirit of inquisitiveness, teamwork, innovation and professionalism.
  4. Establish a centre of excellence to enhance Academia-Industry partnership work on collaborative projects and encourage Mechanical Engineering students to develop micro projects and patents.
  5. To develop globally competent Mechanical Engineering students by enhancing indigenous technologies and inculcating entrepreneurship quality in them.
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